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Online Processing Tutorials

One Hour -  online processing lesson

The processing of your RAW file is the final step in the creative process. You have spent time scouting out a location & fine-tuned your composition, added your filters , set your aperture & shutter speed & waited for the right light & pressed the shutter release button.  


You have basically picked your supermarket, got a trolley & filled it with all the perfect ingredients. Now its time to bring everything together and produce the final dish. That's How I view processing.

My approach to processing is simple but effective, using very few tools let me show you how to really get the most out of your files.


I am offering 1hr processing tutorials via either skype,zoom, or Teams at a time that suits us both .

You will require a copy of Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop to follow along with the tutorial. The online live session will also be recorded & sent to you to download and keep for you to refer back to after the session.

If you are interested, please enter your details in the box below & I will contact you to arrange a time & discuss what your aims for the session are..

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