Take your photography up a level with a private workshop.

£300 per day for first participant

£150 per day for each additional participant

I'm available year-round for private 1-2-1 photographic instruction, these private workshops can help you get the exact help you want on specific subjects in shorter time than larger group workshops. I can build the workshop to cover what you want to learn. Camera settings, filter use, processing techniques, Compositions, shot planning and gear choices are some of the subjects popular with clients on recent trips.
Whether you are beginner looking for help understanding how to better use your camera or a more experienced photographer looking to improve your technique in the field or at the processing stage or anywhere in-between or just want some location guiding I can help you.
Pricing is £300 per day for the first participant. Additional guests at £150 per day , up to a maximum of 3 participants. A travel fee will apply to cover fuel costs, and there may be an additional charge for any overnight accommodation required. Participants will be responsible for their own accommodation and meals.
Please get in touch with any questions or to enquire about a workshop booking by clicking below.

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