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Nikon Z7

45MP Full Frame Mirrorless camera.

Stunning image quality & dynamic range - Best camera I've ever owned , should last me many years

Z6 copy.png

Nikon Z6

24.5MP Full Frame Mirrorless camera.

I bought this as a 2nd body as I wanted a full mirrorless setup. Same stunning quality & dynamic range as the Z7 just a few less MP

24_70_F4 copy.png

Nikon 24-70mm F4

Razor sharp lightweight mid range lens.

Kase-UK-82mm-5-kit copy.png

Kase Wolverine Magnetic Circular Filters 95mm Kit

I've always had a full set of filters consisting of various grads , ND's & holders , since moving to this Nikon Z system ive found I rarely use the grads as the dunamic range is so superb. So only really needing ND's & a Polarizer this kit is fantastic , compact & extremely lightweight in comparison


FEISOL Elite Tripod CT-3372 Rapid

I was always impressed with the Gitzo & RRS tripods but found the price a bit of  a stretch. On advice from another photographer I purchased this tripod about 4 years ago & it has been fantastic, it's not let me down once. Sturdy & lightweight with reasonable height.  All at half the cost of the others


FEISOL Ball Head CB-70D

Purchased same time as the tripod & wasnt sure at the time what size to go for so went for the 70mm. Was fine on my old Canon 5Dmk3 system and although a well built quality machined peice of Kit a bit overkill for my mirrorless Nikon set up, will probably swap this out for a smaller lighter model soon.


14-30_F4 copy.png

Nikon 14-30mm F4

Razor sharp lightweigh wide angle lens, this is almost always attached to my Z7

24_200 copy.png

Nikon 24-200mm F4-6.3

Not one on the S series lenses like the 2 above but since buying this i've been super impressed with the sharpness throughout. Pretty much always bolted on the Z6



A fantastic camera bag ive used for several years now. Fits everything I need with ease plus room for a jacket & a few extras. Comfortable to wear on long days .

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