About - Chris Davis Photography

Thanks for visiting my website and viewing my photos. I am a landscape photographer based in Surrey, England. I am primarily shooting landscapes in the UK with occasional trips to the USA, Iceland and the Dolomites . I have a particular fondness for the Scottish Landscapes and all they have to offer.

I didn’t really get serious in Landscape until 2012 after a family holiday to the USA upon which on my return the photos taken didn’t really live up to expectation or convey how I saw the landscapes when I was there. Since then I have invested much time in honing my skills to be able to create the kind of images that do these landscapes justice.

When I am not out shooting the Landscapes, I can usually be found in my office at home producing CGI imagery. I have been working as a CG artist for the last 17 years and working for myself for the last 5. Working for myself over the last 5 years has been key in allowing me to really push my photography in the direction I want and I am well on the way to turning my passion into a fulltime career.

I run 1-2-1’s and a few small group workshops throughout the year at various locations in the UK. I have never been someone who is particularly comfortable talking in front of large groups but talking about a subject I have great passion for with small groups of likeminded people who want to learn and improve their knowledge has been an easy and enjoyable transition to make. Coming from the post-production industry I was initially very drawn to quite illustrative styles of landscape photography but after a few years of experimenting I think my style is emerging somewhere in-between a naturalistic and illustrative style. I am still experimenting and evolving as an artist always looking to improve my techniques in the field and in processing. Continuing this personal development and sharing what I have learned to so far with others is what drives me forward and I am currently working on some videos demonstrating my processing techniques which will be released soon.

If you would like to join me to see my workflow in the field and processing techniques please check out the workshops page for more info.

Gear I currently use for creating my imagery:

Canon 5Dmk3

16-35mm F4

24-105mm F4

70-200mm F4

Hitech Filters : ND 2/4/6 & 10 Stop ,

GRADS selection of hard and soft grads and Polarising Filter

Feisol Carbon Fibre Tripod

Feisol Ballhead

Sirui Carbon Fibre Travel Tripod & Ballhead

F-Stop Loka Bag

Mac Pro

Photoshop/Adobe Camera Raw/Lightroom

Wacom Tablet

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